Coca-Cola Deleting enraged LGBT comments from Facebook Page

Coca-Cola Deleting enraged LGBT comments from Facebook Page.


Redux: Finding Acceptance from Unexpected Places.

A Queer Misfit

Sometimes, a traumatic incident can prompt surprising events that change one’s life for the better.  My previous posts about TERFs and subsequent viral attacks by them has proved to be such an event. It has revealed to me what true acceptance is…and the unlikely places it can come from.

Often when queer people come out, we look to others in our community to support and accept us. But for those of us under the trans* and bi* umbrellas, the general LGBT community is not always a supportive place, and is sometimes an outright hateful one. Many gay and lesbian activists have relied on binary theories about sexuality, sex and gender for legitimacy and advocacy, and those theories have, unwittingly or not, excluded bi* and trans* people. While the community has gradually grown to re-encompass the B and the T (and slowly the I, Q and A), the door of acceptance…

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Happy New Year! or, Spare Me The “No Labels” Biphobia

Eponymous Fliponymous

So just before the Arctic deep-freeze ate the country, the New York Times (generally about as nastily biphobic as the straight media gets) published this piece in the Fashion And Style pages. Because, seriously, that’s where teh Queer stuff belongs, fashion and style. I mean, sure, we’re fashionable and stylish, so any coverage of us has to be in the optional pages. Because obviously it can’t be news, right?

This article actually seemed at first to be not half bad.

But that’s because the bar is so damned low that something from the New York Times that even admits we exist at all is a giant leap forward. Of course, they had to dredge up Bailey 2005 again, and the shocking news that in 2011 the verdict of non-existence was reversed – no mention of the idea that in the 21st Century the very idea that a significant segment of…

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Socially Inappropriate

Hey all us norms need to read this! Come on kids Auspie’s are not broken. they don’t need to be fixed. They should not be forced to “fit in” to our normality. Rather, we should expand our idea of normal to include theirs!

Musings of an Aspie

Socially appropriate.

This innocuous phrase has turned obnoxious for me. Here’s an example of why: I’m reading a book about teaching social skills to children with Asperger’s and I come across a sentence stating that children should be allowed to time to engage in stress-reducing activities, including “self-stimulation in socially appropriate forms.”

What sort of stimming is socially appropriate, you may wonder? The book doesn’t say. Presumably everyone knows? Later in the book I find a clue. There is a list of sample relaxation activities that children can try as a way to de-escalate their stress. One of the activities is “rocking in private.”

Does that mean rocking is socially inappropriate? I assume so, since it’s meant to be done in secret only. How about flapping? Bouncing? Spinning? Playing with a stim toy? Rubbing a surface? Staring at a moving object?

Where does the line between socially appropriate and socially…

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Good Morning

Maybe This Time

Just sold Madame Courant!!!!!

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