Redux: Finding Acceptance from Unexpected Places.

A Queer Misfit

Sometimes, a traumatic incident can prompt surprising events that change one’s life for the better.  My previous posts about TERFs and subsequent viral attacks by them has proved to be such an event. It has revealed to me what true acceptance is…and the unlikely places it can come from.

Often when queer people come out, we look to others in our community to support and accept us. But for those of us under the trans* and bi* umbrellas, the general LGBT community is not always a supportive place, and is sometimes an outright hateful one. Many gay and lesbian activists have relied on binary theories about sexuality, sex and gender for legitimacy and advocacy, and those theories have, unwittingly or not, excluded bi* and trans* people. While the community has gradually grown to re-encompass the B and the T (and slowly the I, Q and A), the door of acceptance…

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