My Heart Mask
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

My Sister’s Work

Lord Greyhawk

Made by my talented sister Holly

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Black Felt Mask


Madame Courant

Little Indian
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Madame Courant

I really am very happy with how this mask turned out! I call her Madame Courant after a type of dance for harpsichord music!

Madame Courant

Saturday by Myself

Down in The Basement!

Everyone went camping so I am all by myself exploring all of our crafting supplies stored downstairs. I am bringing most of it up so we can go through it and set up Sam’s old room as a work area. It will be fun to make some new things!

This mask was formed by my friend DeAnn David and finished by me.

Here is a link to her blog. She crafts a variety of leather products and fine art.

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